Millennials Responsible for Over 40% of U.S. Wine Sales


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Thursday February 18 has been christened #NationalDrinkWineDay, which may just mean more to Millennials than it does to other generations.

According to a recent report from the Wine Market Council, the Millennial generation (defined by the council as anyone between 21 and 38 years old, a slightly larger grouping than the Census Bureau’s definition of those between 22 and 34) purchased 160 million cases of wine last year which equates to 42% of all U.S. wine sales. For comparison sake, Baby Boomers were responsible for 38% of wine sales, and Generation X only 20%.

Wine Market Council president John Gillespie said the results are a “culmination” of trends in wine drinking that have been growing for years. He added that “Millennials are of growing importance” to the wine industry as time goes on. 

In fact, the surge in younger legal wine drinkers has led to an uptick in overall wine consumption, as the number of eligible drinkers who partake in wine multiple times a week has nearly doubled from approximately 7.5% in 2000 to 13% currently.

Millennial wine drinkers aren’t only changing the overall amount of wine consumed, but the type as well. Members of the generation, especially those on the older side of the 21-38 spectrum, are more willing to spend on wine than their counterparts, with 17% of Millennials willing to spend $20 and up on a bottle of wine, compared to just 10% of other age groups.

So if you’re a Millennial celebrating #NationalDrinkWineDay, raise a toast to yourself and your generation for changing the entire wine industry .

And if you were curious, Twitter had a field day with #NationalDrinkWineDay.


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