Girl Teaches Border-Aussie How to Do an Irish Gig, Roast Marshmallows and More


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Source: my_aussie_gal/Instagram

Source: my_aussie_gal/Instagram

If The Late Show With David Letterman and his “stupid pet tricks” were still on television this Instagram user Mary (my_aussie_gal) and her amazing pup Secret would win first prize.

Mary and her best friend, a 1-year-old Border-Aussie – an adorable cross between a Border Collie and an Australian shepherd – show how human companionship can easily be replaced by a furry playmate on Mary’s Instagram page. Where most dogs can fetch a stick, Secret goes even further roasting a marshmallow.


Mary chose the best breed to show off Secret’s many talents, which includes being highly trainable and excelling in various canine sports, including obedience and agility. Dancing may not be a natural sport for a dog, but Secret is surprisingly graceful pointing her paw, even after a long exhausting day hiking in the mountains.

The video below shows Mary teaching Secret an Irish jig. Michael Flatley should consider bringing her along on his next Lord of the Dance tour. With her tongue lolling about, Secret is pure perfection!

Here Secret shows off her musical talents as she paws the ivories, and doesn’t even need an assistant to flip the page for her.

What’s more she can put 2016 World Ping Pong champion Andrew Baggeley to shame as she deftly maneuvers her paddle in this engrossing table tennis competition. Watch how she concentrates on the little blue ball with aggressive determination.

After a hard day of mastering many of man’s tricks what better way to relax than to push her mom on a swing. Secret is also making quite the fashion statement rocking her little doggie jacket!

The secret’s out on Secret. She’s one helpful pup to have around the house.


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