Muslim Couple Who Needed to Pray at Football Game Get Unexpected Help From Security Guard


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Image source: Muslims Everyday

Source: Muslims Everyday

It’s been an emotional week for most Americans since the surprise election of Donald Trump last Tuesday.

While Trump’s many supporters have been celebrating, others are concerned he will follow through with some of his more controversial campaign promises, such as building a larger wall along the Mexican border, requiring Muslims to carry special ID, and deporting all illegal immigrants from the United States (at the moment, Trump has declared he will only deport those with a criminal record).


The immediate aftermath of Trump’s election, however, has caused an alarming rise in racist incidents, from immigrant children being taunted in school, to swastikas and other racist graffiti on public buildings.

However, even in these tense times, basic human kindness still occasionally shines through.

Early last week, a Muslim couple attended a football game in Boston, MA. Prayer time came around, and, as the woman later posted on Facebook, she was nervous about praying in such a public place.

“I was a bit nervous to pray because it wasn’t private at all, particularly in front of everyone,” she wrote. “Maybe I’m silly, but I’m always paranoid I will get attacked while focused in prayer.”

As the couple began to pray, a stadium security guard approached them, and the woman feared they would be asked to stop praying or leave.

What happened instead was a shining example of kindness and respect.

The woman writes that the guard told them: “I am going to stand here and guard you guys, to make sure nobody gives you any problems, go ahead and pray.”

When the couple had finished their prayers, the guard shook their hands and told them to enjoy the game.

The woman has described this as “an amazing experience I will never forget.” Whoever that security guard was, tolerant, helpful people like him are needed now more than ever.


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