This Onesie-Wearing Shetland Pony Is Too Damn Cute for Words


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Well, he’s no emperor, but this miniature shetland pony now has some new clothes and he’s melting the collective internet’s heart.

In a video from Veuer on AOL, a tiny horse named Daffy has been outfitted with his very own Christmas-themed onesie. The little horse is able to keep warm through the winter months with his colorful red and white garment at Animal Dramatics, an animal training ground for film and TV productions. According to Veuer, the onesie was stitched together by animal trainer Jackie Robury.

Ascot Racehorse shared images and videos of Daffy, but the little horse’s story doesn’t end there. Daffy has a new friend at Ascot Racehorse, and apparently he’s “head over hooves” in love with Daphne, a black Shetland pony who’s also staying at the farm.


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