Oregon Man Impaled by Elk He Hunted and Killed Just Minutes Earlier


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A man from Oregon was impaled in the middle of nowhere by the elk he had killed just minutes after its last breath.

Gary Heeter, 69, hunted down and took the life of a mature mull elk in the Maury Mountains of Bend, OR and his big game kill almost killed him back.

While driving up a steep hill dragging the elk’s carcass on a four-wheeler, Heeter’s ride flipped over and he rolled backward, straight onto the antler of the dead animal, KVAL reports.

Source: Crook County Sheriff's Office

Source: Crook County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Seaney said he wasn’t alone though – his hunting party tried halting the bleeding and called 911, then first responders were able to make it to the remote scene via helicopter.

After a lengthy trip carrying the injured man to the helicopter, Heeter made it to a nearby hospital and is now in stable condition.

Spooky is an understatement for how that sharp-horned elk almost took its killer down to join it in the grave.


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