Parents Grant Christmas Wish by Turning Daughter’s Beloved Stuffed Animal Into Real Life Puppy


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Christmas puppy

Source: AOL/Rumble

We’ve seen parents turn their dog’s beloved toy into a real life surprise, but one couple created some real life magic for their daughter’s Christmas.

In a video shared on Rumble, two parents show the reaction their daughter had when they gifted the young girl with a real life puppy. The surprise came after the girl’s father asked her about her Christmas wish.


“I wish that Luna was a real puppy,” said the shy girl as she hugged her favorite stuffed animal, a brown dog with a red bow.

Her father then tells the girl to stay very still and to shut her eyes. The mother approaches and begins to take the stuffed animal away. The young girl opens her eyes to see that mom is also holding a real life brown puppy with a red bow tied around its collar. The excitement overwhelms the young girl who almost instantly bursts into tears of joy. Watch:

It’s a great thing to watch this little girl get her true Christmas wish. Of course, it’s not just children who get surprised when they’re gifted a new Christmas puppy.

Take this father who had just returned from a long business trip. According to the video description, he recently lost his favorite dog, so the family decided to surprise him with a brand new pit bull puppy. If you didn’t cry at the young girl, good luck holding it together for this one.

Welp, see ya later. Going to adopt a puppy now.


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