Hilarious Parody Video Shows How to Deal With Guests Talking Politics During Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving is next week (already, we know) and with the holiday comes a gathering of friends and loved ones. Whoever is the host of Thanksgiving, whether it be you or a family member or a close friend, has the difficult task of keeping everyone entertained. With the divisive results of the latest presidential election, this may prove even more difficult than expected.

It can be stressful trying to avoid and temper political discussions, but YouTubers The Holderness Family may have just laid out a blueprint for surviving Thanksgiving when you have guests on opposite sides of the political spectrum: just get drunk and watch football.

Through a creatively hilarious parody of “Welcome to My House” by Flo Rida, the Holdernesses offer up “Welcome to My Couch,” a guide to making this year’s festivities work when a few of your guests disagree on politics.

Some alternative conversation subjects include: “Brangelina” (not a thing anymore), Pluto (which isn’t a planet again), the show 24, and the iPhone 7, just to name a few.

“I prefer concussions over these discussions,” says Dad in the video, referring to the brutal injuries that may occur in football. That’s a little rough, but we’re all pretty tired of talking politics, aren’t we?

And that is the emphasis of the parody: just quit it in honor of Thanksgiving. There will probably be kids around – they don’t need to hear it, especially when they “can’t vote until 2028.”

The video ends with the Holdernesses’ inspiration for the video: feel-good stories they’ve seen of people coming together after the election, and hey, if dogs and cats can get along, so can we, and why not over some turkey, some tackling, and some tequila!


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