This Pit Bull Cried – Like the Rest of the Internet – Because Scared Kids Wouldn’t Pet Him On Halloween


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Source: @Sinamonnroll/Twitter

Source: @Sinamonnroll/Twitter

Children are mean. Okay, no they’re not, but how could you not want to pet the handsome fella in the picture above? Look at that face! It hurts to even write about this, but Dublin the adorable pit bull suffered this past Halloween, as his owners decided to provide the little guy with a costume.

A couple of horns and Dublin was ready to greet his trick-or-treaters. Sadly, as he sat outside his home, with his owner William’s mother giving out candy, no one petted him. In fact, they were too scared. The audacity!

For comparison (and to break our collective hearts even further), William posted photos of Dublin before and after the trick-or-treating ended, showcasing the change in emotions the poor pup had to go through. Dublin went from excited and eager (NSFW language):

To confused and upset:

Tweeters the world over decided to share their solidarity with Dublin and William, even showing how Dublin’s tough night affected them as well:

Thankfully, William received word from his aunt that a rule was established: People would receive no candy unless they pet Dublin. The results were fantastic:

Pit bulls, among other breeds of dogs, seem to get a bad reputation due to their being linked to dog-fighting rings and the like, but it is a stigma brought on not by the dogs, but by their owners.

“They are great, loving dogs, and the stigma around them being violent needs to end,” William said to BuzzFeed. “They will act as you raise them, just like any other breed. Seeing support around ending that stigma makes me so happy.”

We’re happy too, William, we’re happy too.


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