Little Girl From Dublin Gets VIP Treatment From Santa After a Long Hospital Stay


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Saoirse Brophy

Source: Siobhan Brophy‎ Facebook

Following a long stay in the hospital, one little girl from Dublin got quite the visit from Santa Claus.

After Saoirse Brophy was released from the hospital, her mother Siobhan decided to take a trip to visit Santa at Arnotts, the iconic department store. During their visit, the little girl was given celebrity treatment along with some encouraging words from the big man in the red suit.


“Dear Arnotts – Santa department. I would just like to thank your staff today. My daughter Saoirse has cystic fibrosis and has only recently gotten out of hospital after a long stay,” her mom wrote on Facebook. “I am still in the process of trying to build her back up to her usual self but she is still quite lethargic and weak.”

Upon hearing about her daughter’s condition, Brophy and Saoirse were rushed to the front of the line. Santa then told Saoirse “how brave she was and how she will have a wonderful Christmas.”

Brophy was overjoyed with their interaction and said it was just what her daughter needed.

“Her response was this hug. You all made her day. She needed this today, thank you for keeping the magic alive,” Brophy wrote on Facebook.

Arnotts Department Store quickly responded to the viral post on Facebook writing, “We are so happy to hear Saoirse enjoyed her visit to Santa, we will be sure to pass on your thanks to the team in-store!”

Brophy’s post on Facebook had others sharing their experiences visiting with Santa at the same department store, showing that they are truly going above and beyond this holiday season.

“Exact same happened us last Tuesday a v pleasant ‘elf’ fast tracked us trued his best to calm my little one he has amazing + I hope he gets the acknowledgement he deserves!!” one commenter wrote.

“I always knew the Arnotts Santa was very special and he really is,” shared another Facebook user.

Saoirse is loving her little stint in the limelight,”Brophy told the Irish Sun. “We are amazed at the outpouring of good will and best wishes. The magic of Christmas is alive and well!”

Talk about spreading holiday joy!

(H/T The Irish Sun)


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