Spoiler Alert!! – The Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap


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***SPOILER ALERT*** This is a recap of ABC’s The Bachelorette: Episode 8.  If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of The Bachelorette you may want to stop reading right about now!



The episode begins with a on a one-on-one date with Ben H., who we can now just refer to simply Ben after Ben Z’s sad departure last week. The date is pretty normal by Bachelorette standards. Ben admits that his last relationship left him fearing that he is “unloveable”. Kaitlyn reassures him but asks if he’s a virgin, which he’s not.

Next, Kaitlyn goes on a three-on-one date with Nick, Shawn and Joe. Joe tells Kaitlyn that he’s in love with her, but she tells him that she doesn’t feel as strongly about him as she does about the other guys and sends him home. Basically Joe tells her to f**k off and Kaitlyn is hurt that he was so cold. Kaitlyn sends Nick back to the hotel and lets Shawn know he will come back for a talk with her later.

Shawn arrives to the date excited and thinking that he won out over Nick. Kaitlyn thinks telling Shawn about Nick will not go over well and rightfully so. In the past we have seen Shawn’s intensity and jealousy over Kaitlyn, as well as his hatred for Nick and Kaitlyn’s attraction. Finally she tells Shawn, saying she thinks it went too far. (Which confuses me, as she has repeatedly said she has no regrets. Is she really being honest with Shawn? Am I knitpicking?) Shawn is devastated, but vows to put the incident into the back of his mind, foreshadowing which we know from previews does not happen. After a night’s rest, Shawn is unsure that he wants to even stay, and that he must have a private talk with Kaitlyn tonight.

He receives the first rose, walks up and says that he needs to speak with her.

Shawn feels Kaitlyn has jeopardized what they have. Kaitlyn rebutes, saying there are other relationships and that telling him he was “the one” half way through was wrong. She repeats, “I am here to explore other relationships. In the end he accepts her rose. Kaitlyn gives the final two roses to Ben and Nick and says goodbye to Jared, who leaves with dignity and only some tears in the limo out.

Now all three men will spend a night with Kaitlyn. Shawn quickly admits he is having a tough time dealing with the fact that Nick (who he keeps referring to as “the other guy” even though there’s two other guys left) will have an overnight date with Kaitlyn that week as well.

First date goes to Nick, who Kaitlyn worries is more of a physical connection than a lifelong one. It must be difficult for the couples on this show to genuinely connect, as they only have amazing dates in different places. Seems too easy to get along with a good-looking person in an exotic location. But I digress. Kaitlyn’s mind is swayed as she feels a spiritual connection with Nick on this date. Once again she becomes much more confident about their connection while with Nick than she was before the date.

Nick tells Kaitlyn that he doesn’t respect people who project insecurities and brag about being eskimo brothers with some country artist followed by a “whatever”. Kaitlyn brushes this off and the two spend the night in the fantasy suite. Nick says he’s in love and Kaitlyn can see herself with him too.

Shawn is flipping out and decides to find Nick. He calls the hotel and asks which room Nick “Vile,” as he pronounces it, is staying in. The episode ends with Shawn entering Nick’s room and telling him that he doesn’t believe he is there for Kaitlyn. Previews show Kaitlyn crying, a lot.


Quick side note: Kaitlyn has two bird tattoos on her arms but is deathly afraid of birds. Curious.

Stay tuned for a recap of next week’s dramatic episode!


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