Teacher Uses Original Song and Dance to Help Students Learn Math


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Source: Nadine Ebri Facebook

Source: Nadine Ebri Facebook

Outside the box teaching concepts are nothing new, but one Florida teacher’s method of explaining math has gone viral.

Nadine Ebri of Jacksonville is a second generation teacher who was inspired by her mother to enter the profession. Always one to struggle with math herself, Ebri was looking for a way to make long division fun for her second grade students earlier this year. Eventually, she and the class worked out a song about the subject.


“Somebody started beating on the table. That is when we started to make it into a song,” student Clarence Stringfield explained to Florida television station WTLV.

When Ebri saw how much her students were enjoying the song, she decided to share it with others by uploading the video to Facebook. The clip quickly proved itself viral, surpassing 14 million combined views as of Monday.

According to Ebri on WTLV, she shared the video because it fits her philosophy of modern teaching.

“Times are changing and you have to change with the kids. So I try to integrate songs with everything that I do, especially with math because a lot of students struggle with math. So I think it is imperative to integrate music with math.”

Stringfield for one seems to prove that Ebri’s teaching methods work.

“I think it is fun to learn things in different ways because you get to have fun in different ways,” she said.


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