Video of Couple Aging 70 Years in Five Minutes Will Make You Cry


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Source: YouTube/Field Day

Source: YouTube/Field Day

Most engaged couples have no idea what they – or their partners – will look like at 90 years old. Thanks to some incredible makeup artists, Kristie Scherrer and Tavis Doucette no longer have to wonder.

The Cut’s surprisingly emotional video, part of their 100 Years of Beauty series, features both Scherrer and Doucette being made over to reveal what they will look like at 50 years of age, 70, and then 90. The makeup team behind the video told Buzzfeed that they used family photos as a reference for what the couple might eventually look like.


It starts off just like any other 100 Years of Beauty video, but as they start aging and imagining their life together, it turns into a beautiful look at the years to come. The couple gets more emotional with each reveal and somehow you find yourself tearing up along with them.

“I hope you look like this,” Doucette says in the video. “You look fantastic.”

The video was released a day before the couples’ actual wedding and garnered over 14 million views.

“We realized it was released when we were on our way to our rehearsal,” Scherrer told The Huffington Post.

By the time they were ready to watch the video, nearly everyone had seen it but them. However, that didn’t make it any less of an emotional roller coaster ride.

“Like [Kristie] said in the film, we couldn’t be more sure of the person that we’re with,” Doucette said.

Grab a tissue and watch 70 years in five minutes.


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