Viral Image of Hurricane Matthew Is Hopefully Not Ominous Warning of What Awaits US


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Source: NASA Earth Science Office

Source: NASA Earth Science Office

This hurricane sure is sinister looking.

Hurricane Matthew has totaled the Caribbean, began wreaking havoc on the Bahamas on Wednesday, and is on its way to Florida. As forecasters warn of the potential threat of the storm to the southeastern U.S., a terrifying image of the storm as now gone viral.


An ominous satellite image of the storm looking like a skeleton was captured during its pass over western Haiti. It was posted on Tuesday morning and has since gained thousands of shares across numerous media channels.

The skull-like image is nothing short of coincidence with Halloween just weeks away and hopefully doesn’t portend of what is to come for the U.S. as the storm bears down.

In the past few days, the Caribbean experienced heavy rainfall and ferocious winds from the storm, which caused massive flooding and property damage across the land.

As of Tuesday, at least 11 people have died because of the vicious category 4 hurricane.

The last country to be affected was Cuba, hammered with high winds, rough rain, and storm surge flooding.

Currently, Matthew is battering the Bahamas and will head toward southern Florida next, followed by a less serious encounter with the coasts of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina later this week.

Florida and South Carolina have closed schools and are ready with evacuation plans for the first hurricane to hit South Florida since Hurricane Wilma.

Despite the spooky image, other areas along the East Coast have little fear as the storm will subside before reaching their coasts.


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