Washington DC Could Be Renamed ‘New Columbia’ If It Becomes a State


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Source: YouTube finleyholiday

Source: YouTube finleyholiday

The nation’s capital is about to get a new name.

Washington D.C. is currently in a bid to establish its own statehood. If the bid is successful the territory could be renamed “New Columbia.”


However, the new name is not sitting well with most people. Even Sen. Paul Strauss, a member of the five-person commission that helped make the decision, is having second thoughts about the name.

“We decided to keep what had been part of the statehood legacy since 1982,” Strauss explained in a statement to The Washington Post. “If the voters of the new state want to change it, that’s going to be a great thing they can do as a free state.”

Strauss continued to explain that the new name comes from a referendum passed in 1982. The Washingtonian shared that the name was chosen over Anacostia – which was the runner-up – Potomac, Rock Creek, Capital State, and the State of Utopia.

Many people have been outspoken on social media about the new name and how they are not the biggest fan of “New Columbia.”

Many have also pointed out that the new name has a poor connection to Christopher Columbus and his controversial background in American history.

D.C. resident Travis Swanson explained that honoring Columbus would “sugarcoat” what he did.

“[Americans] have sugarcoated the history of Christopher Columbus and what he did as a person. I don’t think that we should instill an honor on Columbus that would give him a star on the U.S. flag,” said Swanson.

Those who are wishing for a replacement name will get the chance to detest the name in the fall when the D.C. Council will hold a hearing on the draft constitution.


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