Heinz’s Adorable Stampede of Wiener Dogs Highlights Early Contenders for Best Super Bowl Ad


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Photo Credit: Mashable

Photo Credit: Mashable

Heinz Ketchup raised the bar for cuteness in their latest Super Bowl ad.

The newest ad from the ketchup giant shows an army of adorable wiener dogs dressed as hot dogs running across a field to the tune of Harry Nilsson’s “Without You.” The dogs are running toward a family dressed as ketchup, BBQ sauce, and mustard.


The commercial is a part of Heinz’s newest campaign called, “Meet the Ketchups,” which focuses on the company’s condiments offerings.

Check out the adorable video below:

Heinz Ketchup isn’t the only company to release their ad before the big game.

Hyundai released an ad starring Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. In the video dubbed “Ryanville,” two women drive through a town full of Ryan Reynolds lookalikes. In one scene, you can see police officer Ryan Reynolds giving driver Ryan Reynolds a ticket. The funny ad is to promote Hyundai’s newest car, the 2017 Elantra. You can check out the video of the ad below and try not to get distracted ladies:

In another ad set to debut this weekend, Taken star Liam Neeson teamed up with producer Ridley Scott for LG’s first Super Bowl ad. In the ad, Neeson plays a “man from the future” and delivers knowledge to a young man in a bar about the world being dominated by OLED screens. Although it looks like a cheesy Sci-Fi movie, it looks like Neeson can play any character. You can check out the video below:

Honda is also debuting a new Super Bowl ad featuring singing sheep. In the ad, the sheep sing to the tune of Queens “Somebody To Love.” Directed by Bryan Buckely, the ad is promotes the Honda Ridgeline truck-bed audio system that allows music to be played outside the truck. You can check out the full commercial below.

Will any of these become instant classics to be featured in “Best Super Bowl Commercial” lists? Only time will tell.


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