Amazon’s Holiday Ad Featuring Muslim and Christian Friends Will Make You Emotional


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Source: amazon

Source: amazon

‘Tis the season for emotional holiday advertisements!

Amazon has jumped on the bandwagon with their own ad telling the heartwarming story between a Christian priest and a Muslim imam who are old friends. People have fallen in love with the ad and cannot seem to get enough of it.


The ad shows the two friends hanging out and enjoying a cup of tea together. While they are joking around and chatting, it shows them both suffering from knee pain. After they leave, they unknowingly order the same gift for each other: a set of new pads to help ease the pain when they kneel down to pray.

Check out the ad below:

Rev. Gary Bradley, vicar in London, and Zubeir Hassam, an imam who stars in the ad are both from the United Kingdom.

When filming the ad, Hassam shared that he was simply “being himself.”

“I honestly didn’t think about it – I think the message is very good – people from different backgrounds can share gifts and can see each other,” Hassam said. “With all the bad publicity we have got this is a very, very positive ad showing that people of different faiths can get together.”

The ad has really resonated with people across social media, especially considering the current political climate.

Even Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, praised the ad sharing that he was “very proud.”

Hopefully the ad will bring some much needed holiday joy!

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