Little Girl Shows Off New Prosthetic Leg in Heartwarming Video


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Get ready to smile!


When 7-year-old Anu returned to school, she couldn’t wait to show off her new prosthetic leg. The adorable moment was caught on camera and has quickly stolen the hearts of many users on the internet. Check out the sweet moment below. Her classmates immediately welcomed Anu and her new prosthetic leg. The little kids then celebrated Anu’s new leg by running around and holding hands in the courtyard. The 7-year-old had her leg amputated shortly after she was born, and she has worn a prosthetic her whole life. This blade, however, lets the little girl participate in sports and is made just for her. “It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster,” Anu told the BBC. Anu received the new blade after the National Health Service program allocated $1.9 million to children who need prosthetics. “The money is needed because the NHS is only required to provide limbs to allow adults and children to walk, not to run, which means it will not fund activity prosthetics like running blades,” reported The Telegraph. However, the funding for the program and the blades remains uncertain, as the money will run out next March. Each blade cost about $2,500 to $6,500, and needs to be replaced every few years. The NHS hopes the issue will be resolved following the U.K. elections later this year.
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