Boy Born Without Hands or Lower Legs Becomes a Yankee for a Day


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Source: The New York Yankees

Source: The New York Yankees

Looks like the Yankee’s have “signed” their biggest star for the upcoming season.

10-year-old Landis Sims from Elizabeth, Indiana, was born without lower legs and hands. Sims is a major baseball fan, particularly the Yankees, and recently had the opportunity to play with the pros for a one-day major league contract.


Pitcher CC Sabathia was on hand to help Sims “negotiate” his one-day contract, which included some pretty cool perks such as his own personal locker room, and a chance to hang out with the players and Sims’ personal heroes in person.

Sims doesn’t let obstacles get in the way for his love of baseball. He has been playing baseball since he was 2-years-old wearing prosthetic legs and using special equipment similar to a plastic cup to help him swing a bat.

Because throwing normally requires hands, Sims was presented with a difficult situation. However, he and his family didn’t let the challenge get in his way and invented a “catapult-like throwing style resulting in a surprisingly accurate heave,” shared Today.

“I think he’s overcome extraordinary obstacles to be the kid that he wants to be,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi shared with Today via email. “That’s special. That’s a lesson for all of us.”

Sims enjoyed his day as a Yankee during training camp in Tampa, Florida. He spent the day hitting singles on the field while first baseman Mark Teixeira and Reggie Jackson watched on. Alex Rodriguez even signed a bat for the boy with the words: “To a great teammate.”

Filmmaker Eric Cochran is currently documenting Sims’ journey on and off the field. Sims hopes to reach his ultimate goal of becoming the first baseball player – hopefully a Yankee – born without hands and legs.

Sims’ hurdles only seem to motivate him further and continue to motivate those around him. Alex Rodriguez tweeted out a picture with Sims, writing that he was “a true inspiration.”

Jacob Lindgren, Yankee pitcher, also tweeted out a photo sharing, “Got to love a kid who pursues his dream no matter what obstacles stand in the way!”

“Baseball is just a metaphor,” shared Cochran. “Landis’ story should inspire others…he doesn’t think he’s any different than anyone else.”

Check out more about Sims and his baseball journey below.

“Landis: Just Watch Me” TrailerEric Cochran/Taikuli Productions has started production on a documentary featuring Landis Sims. “Landis: Just Watch Me” is a story of strength, heart and hope. The film will follow one child’s determination to excel against all odds and the stunning effect it has on everyone in his universe. We are currently starting a fundraising campaign so we can continue to tell this heartwarming story. Stay tuned for funding details and help us tell a story that will inspire millions around the world!

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