Chris Evans Starts Twitter ‘Civil War’ After Praising Ryan Reynolds, ‘Deadpool’


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Source: Empire Magazine/20th Century Fox

Source: Empire Magazine/20th Century Fox

As tensions between superheroes keeps building ahead of May’s hotly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, it seems the actors behind the masks are enjoying their “feud” off screen as well. For proof, just look to the Twitter war of words Captain America actor Chris Evans started on Saturday.

Evans took to his Twitter account to praise the highly successful Deadpool movie and congratulated actor Ryan Reynolds for the success and acclaim the film has received thus far.

After Evans’ kind words, Reynolds caught on to the tweet and responded, thanking the actor and ostensibly siding with Captain America in the upcoming Civil War film by tweeting the hashtag, #TeamCap.

But Cap’s foe in the upcoming third installment of the franchise, Iron Man, didn’t take Reynolds’ choice too kindly, wondering how he could “stab Iron Man in the back” with his Shakespearean reference.

A running joke in the Avengers films is Captain America’s “good ol’ boy” persona and his apparent displeasure with the superhero team members using curse words.

But Evans wasn’t having any of Downey’s “bullshit.”

Maybe Marvel is keeping a big secret and Deadpool will actually be the force driving our heroes apart? Doubtful. But if Deadpool has shown us anything, it’s that they are great at marketing. And this is just helping Marvel’s upcoming sequel build even more excitement ahead of its May 6 release.


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