Comedian Steve Hofstetter Completely Owns Heckler


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Source: YouTube/Steve Hofstetter

You’d think they would learn by now.

The hilarious and talented comedian, Steve Hofstetter, has made a point of documenting his experiences with hecklers over the past decade.


Not uncommon in stand up comedy shows, Hofstetter handles these boisterous individuals like a true boss.

In a recent performance, the comedian begins a riff about parenting claiming, “It takes more effort to order a pizza than it does to have a child.”

While the quip earned him a round of laughter from the audience, one unidentified female took offense to the comment and exclaimd, “Bulls**t!” in response.

The heckler continued with the persistent question of, “How many children have you had?” while Hofstetter stands by his claim, answering her question with another.

“Have you ever ordered a pizza by accident?”

The back and forth continues on the part of the extremely funny comedian when he asks her if she’s a sports fan. When she says she is, Hofstetter unloads with complete annihilation. Watch:

She’s gonna need some serious ice for these burns.


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