Canine Companions Who Never Leave Their Lil’ Human’s Side Will Warm Your Heart


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You just can’t help but adore the friendship between little kids and big dogs and Ruby, Biggie and Wooster steal the show.

Ruby is the little human of Biggie and Wooster, both large, Bernese Mountain doggies and they are the three bestest of friends.

The lovable trio have been friends ever since Ruby was a baby and they may even become a quartet when Ruby’s little brother Sonny is a bit older.

“We’re always enjoying life,” said Ruby on their Instagram Biggie, Ruby, Sonny & Wooster, which documents the adventures of all four – although mom probably moderates that.

Check out Ruby and her canine companions on the Love What Matters – Animals Facebook page:

We look forward to a follow-up with Sonny, but cannot see how the cuteness can get any better!


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