Adorable Twins Get Ticket for Going Over the ‘Cute Limit’


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Someone give these twins a ticket for being too adorable! 2-year-old twins Aaron and Evan were driving in their kid-friendly Range Rover in Manhattan when they were pulled over for exceeding the “cute limit.” The twin’s dad, Alex, was out taking his boys for their nightly drive around the block. While they were out cruising, two police officers confronted them to ask about the car. “They turned the lights on and made the whole big deal like they were going to pull them over,” Alex told Inside Edition. “Everybody’s like, ‘what’s going on?’ They were stopping traffic, busses.” However, the whole “traffic stop” seemed to go over the twin’s heads and they were pretty confused as the cops gave them a “ticket.”
“They’re in total shock, they didn’t know what was going on, especially with the lights and everybody looking at them,” Alex said to Inside Edition. Luckily, the boys were able to pay off their ticket right then and there with a high five. The cops better keep an eye out for these two. Along with a kid-sized Range Rover, the twins both have mini Lamborghinis and matching motorcycles. However, Alex, a car fanatic himself, prefers the Range Rover. “We live in an apartment and to bring both down was such a hassle,”Alex explained to Inside Edition. “With the Range [Rover] they both fit in it perfectly and [Evan] doesn’t mind letting Aaron drive.”
(H/T Inside Edition)

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