Watch as This Deaf Baby Hears for the First Time. It’s So Adorable!


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After trying out a hearing aid, this deaf baby can hear for the first time ever and her reaction is absolutely priceless.

Sarah Jo Lawless refused to accept that her newborn baby, Annabelle, who suffered from hearing loss, would never have the basic ability that most human beings do – the sense of hearing.

After many doctor visits, Annabelle was fitted with a hearing aid and her mother captured the incredible moment when Annabelle tested the device and was finally able to hear.

“Can you hear?” asked Lawless. “Can you hear mommy?”

The baby was confused, as seen in her facial expressions, but also seemingly happy according to the smiles that came afterwards.

Then, the doctor starts clapping for further testing, and sure enough Annabelle could hear.

Source: Carter News Agency

Source: Carter News Agency

“Look at you hearing!” exclaimed Mom.

And something about this adorable, confused baby subtly freaking out after discovering this newfound “sound” just warms our hearts.


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