Death Wish Coffee Wins Coveted Ad in Super Bowl 50


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Source: Death Wish Coffee

Source: Death Wish Coffee

The Super Bowl is known for its outrageous and notoriously expensive advertisements and one small business this year is making headlines after it managed to break in with the big guys.

Death Wish Coffee beat out around 15,000 small businesses in the Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Big Game contest to win an all-expenses paid ad to air during Super Bowl 50, one of the most coveted advertisement slots on TV.


Ads this year will cost a record-breaking $5 million per 30-second ad.

“Winning this commercial is beyond our wildest dreams,” Mike Brown, owner of Death Wish Coffee, shared with CNN Money. “It’s amazing to think that our 11-employee company will be on the same stage as the brands we’ve always admired.”

This is the second year that Intuit has run the contest. The winner in 2013 was Goldieblox, a company that makes engineering toys for girls. The contest is all based on public voting.

This is a major deal for the small business considering they have only been running for four years. The company recorded around $3 million in revenue last year. Brown explained that he created the brands famous ultra-strong dark roast coffee simply because there was a demand for it.

“I’ve had a coffee shop for years and my customers were always asking for stronger coffee,” Brown shared. “An average cup of coffee has 217 mg of caffeine. Ours is double that.”

The excitement has not died around Death Wish Coffee who plans to take full advantage of their 30 seconds in the spotlight.

“We’ve revamped our website, hired more employees and we’re getting ready for it,” he said. “We’re already in about 100 grocery stores locally. I want everyone in the country and around the world to taste out coffee.”

Check out the winning commercial below!


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