Grandparents Use Gorgeous Art and Instagram to Stay Connected to Their Globetrotting Grandkids


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Source: ChanJae Instagram

Source: ChanJae Instagram

How are grandparents supposed to stay in touch with their grandchildren if the latter are  spread out all over the world? One couple has found an inventive way to keep in touch that combines creativity and social media.

75-year-old Chan Jae lives in San Paulo, Brazil with his wife. However their three grandsons are on opposite sides of the globe, with two living with their daughter in Korea and the third with their son in New York. Looking for a new way to stay in touch, Jae came up with the idea of an Instagram account called “drawings_for_my_grandchildren.” The feed is made up of stunning watercolor drawings Jae does of everyday life, each accompanied by a story written by his wife.


The posts vary in content. Some examine both the natural and manmade beauty of Brazil.

Others capture scenes of day-to-day life.

Some are even portraits of the children themselves.

Run, Astro, run! #drawing #watercolor Corre Astro, corre! 달려라 아로!!!

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Finally some are just for fun.

The project has been a great success for all involved, allowing both grandparents the ability to stretch their creative muscles while at the same time remaining a major part in their grandsons’ lives. For more of Jae’s images, be sure to follow the account here.


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