Startling Video Captures Moments Leading Up to Plane Crash


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A group of 17 skydivers encountered what was probably their worst nightmare while on a skydiving trip in Sacramento, California. Shortly after take-off, they crash landed.

The aircraft took off from Lodi Airport Thursday at 2 p.m., reports ABC, when it started to experience engine trouble.


The single-engine Cessna was reportedly flying too low for them to jump out, so it turned around to make a landing.

However, upon returning, the plane “clipped a truck as it approached the runway and crashed just off the airport, landing upside down in a vineyard,” ABC reported.

Skydiver Brandon Aleshire captured the frightening moments on his GoPro, which was strapped to his head.

Seated in the back of the plane, the video shows chaos as the plane goes down. You can hear someone screaming, “Open the door,” right before it hits the ground. The video then goes black and an alarm can be heard while someone else says, “Get off me.” Another voice can be heard saying that there isn’t a fire and everyone should relax.

“Next thing we know someone is freaking out in the back of the plane screaming,” skydiver T.J. Landgren told ABC. “I started to hear vines rip and it was a matter of seconds. … I didn’t think I was going home.”

One of the passengers, Sebastian Alvarez, took a selfie after the incident.

Incredibly, the passengers only suffered minor injuries and the pilot had a bloody nose.

Alvarez told KCRA, “When you get out of the plane and you see people, all of them walking and talking and alive, conscious, and then you look at the plane, it’s like, ‘Did this just happen?’ I should be dead, or I should be burned, or I should be broken.”

ABC reported that it could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for the know-how of the pilot who managed to avoid power lines and houses on the way down.

Watch the chilling video below.

Here is one from the point of view from the cockpit.


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